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Лак ПФ -283

Лак ПФ-283 — область применения
Основное предназначение лака – это покрытие металлических и деревянных поверхностей внутри помещения, так же возможно нанесение на ранее покрытые поверхности масляными эмалями, красками, а так же антисептическими средствами. Надежно защищает деревянные поверхности от механических воздействий, гниения, а металлические – от образования коррозии. При нанесении придает поверхностям эстетический вид.

Лак ПФ-283 —рекомендации по применению

Деревянные поверхности перед нанесением лака рекомендуется отшлифовать или отциклевать, металлические – очистить от грязи, окалины и ржавчины. Если поверхности были ранее окрашены, то отслаивающиеся поверхности необходимо удалить скребком или путем обжига, затем окрашиваемую поверхность отшлифовать. Инструменты для нанесения лака ПФ-283: валик, кисть, распылитель. Разбавляется уайт-спиритом.

Технические характеристики

Лак ПФ-283 необходимо хранить в плотно закрытой таре, предохранять от воздействия прямых солнечных лучей, влаги и тепла. Возможно хранение при минусовых температурах. Срок гарантии – год после изготовления. Состав лака ПФ-283: уайт-спирит, алкидная смола, антиоксидант, сиккатив, пеногаситель. Вид получаемой поверхности – глянцевый, время, необходимое для высыхания – 36 часов, расход при покраске – 13,5-14,5 м²/кг.


На сегодняшний день ООО "НИИПХ-Полихим" - является крупным производителем растворителей, ведущим собственные исследования в области лакокрасочных материалов и автохимии.
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He: I love their own probabilities as well as here is the reason why. Indeed, the actual NFC is actually piled it has been known numerous occasions this particular offseason since the NBA's Traditional western Meeting and it is unsurprising that many individuals groups a person pointed out are discussed. The actual Falcons' very first 5 video games tend to be resistant to the Eagles, Panthers, Team, Bengals as well as Steelers. When they arrive via which extend 5-0 or even 4-1, I believe 14-2 can be done. I believe 12 or even 13 is victorious is actually much more practical as well as achievable with regard to these types of Falcons when they may remain wholesome as well as, obviously, possess a couple of bounces proceed their own method.
He: Hello, Chad. Use it by doing this, this would not shock me personally when the unpleasant entrepreneurs just perform 1 sequence resistant to the Chiefs, however Soon we will be amazed when they proceed three-and-out once again. Exactly what I am stating is actually i believe are going to about the area lengthier as well as operate much more performs as well as I believe Calvin Ridley will even have more possibilities with this 1. We additionally believe there is a trim opportunity we're able to observe him or her back again upon unique groups, which could end up being enjoyable to view. Stay tuned in.
I am anxious about the level throughout the actual area. Exactly what you think regarding the odds of heading #98 Mitch Unrein Bears jersey 14-2, He? We are packed within the extra, Deon is actually anchoring in advance together with Jarrett, as well as upon criminal offense all of us additional Calvin Ridley. I am truly considering exactly how most people are ignoring the actual Falcons. The actual Vikings is going to do this particular, The big boys is going to do which, Rams is going to do this particular, Aaron Rodgers is actually back again. Just interest the actual Falcons truly obtained this particular off-season had been due to Matt's agreement as well as Julio's agreement. In my opinion they'll travel underneath the radar till following the Thanksgiving holiday Day time online game resistant to the Team within Brand new Orleans. Perhaps next T individuals will begin to open up their own eye.
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